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Professional ECU Remapping

Since the year 2000 most vehicles have been controlled by a modern Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This ECU controls ignition, fuel pressure, air/fuel ratio, boost level, EGR duty and every other aspect of engine functon. ECU remapping is the science of tweaking these engine parameters to optimise your car for performance or economy or indeed a combination of both.

We are an Agent for BHP UK

What can a BHP Uk Remap do for your car?

Not all remaps are the same, insist on a BHP UK Remap

At Stonebridge Auto Electrics we are pleased to have been chosen as agent for one of the handful of companies in Europe that genuinely write & develop their own remaps in house.

Using a a fully equipped dyno facility with extensive testing BHP UK have written maps for some of the most respected tuning companies in the world as well as been awarded Product of the year by Professional Motor Mechanic twice.


Have your car optimised with a BHP UK map and free it from the limits imposed by the manufacturer and Euro regulations.

After a BHP UK Remap you cn expect a vehicle with;

* More power and tourgue

* Improved acceleration

* Smooth power delivery

* Improved throttle response

* Turbo petrol cars typically get 20% more power and 25% more torque

* Turbo diesel cards typically get 25% more power and 30% more torque

* Normally aspirated cars can expect 10% more power, superior driveability & improved throttle response