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Expert Diesel Shop

Experienced diesel mechanics

Stonebridge Auto Electrics are the only shop in the area that brings you diesel engine repairs. Diesel engines require an expertise that is not usually found at a typical garage. Our team have the experience and expertise to provide you with professional diesel engine services to help you get your vehicle back in full working order.

What you can expect

Diesel experts in Peterborough

Injector removal & M9R Specialist


Diesel diagnostic work is carried out using the latest common rail injector tester, Carbon Zapp, for injector testing and coding. Carbon Zapp is a new, up and coming machine allowing us to offer you first class service..


• Repairing

• Remanufacturing

• Recalibration

• Diesel diagnostics

• Fuel sampling

• Diesel fuel injector removal

                        Fuel Pumps

We also specialise in diesel fuel injector removal. With the introduction of high pressure diesel rail injection systems we have seen an upswing in what we call dribbling nozzles which can cause issues. It can cause hard starts, bad idling, lack of power and smoke. Our specialists can fix any issues making sure your diesel engine is running optimally.

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