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The Electrical Specialists

Electrical repairs and diagnostics

If you find a light flashing on your dashboard or are having issues with your vehicle’s electrical system, get in touch with Stonebridge Auto Electrics today for expert auto electrical and diesel specialists that you can trust. We have the experience and expertise to run a full diagnostic and repair on auto electrics.

Comprehensive diagnostics

Auto electric services

Full service


As electrical specialists we offer full service diagnostics. When you bring your car in for one issue we can run full diagnostics to make sure that there is not an underlying issue that also needs to be addressed.

• Bulbs and cables

• Switches and fuses (all consumables)

• Radio and sound systems

• Multi-media systems

• Security and alarms

• Contact us for a full list of services

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Once we have repaired your car electrics, let us handle the rest of your vehicle repairs. We offer a full service range including car key repair, and we are diesel engine specialists. You can trust us to carry out all jobs correctly, and at an affordable rate for you. Contact us today to see what we can do for you